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My wife Caroline and I moved to Westfield 20 years ago, to raise our family. When I ran for office in 2019, I did so because I wanted to give back to the community that has given so much to my family. I still feel that way, I want to continue to serve and to build on what I have accomplished. 

I want to provide a  safe community to residents which is why, as part of the finance committee we fully fund  our police and emergency services providing for full staffing and innovations like License Plate Readers.

I’m passionate about giving our kids all the opportunities to become their best selves whether that is through sports, recreation, or learning enrichment.  I will continue to work to provide these opportunities through enhancements to fields, activities at the library, supporting the Recreation Commission.

I am committed to implementing improvements to stormwater infrastructure. I met with many neighbors in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Ida. As chair of the Public Works Committee, I was instrumental in the  purchase of the Town’s new underground pipeline inspection equipment.  We are seeing the benefit of this technology but we need to do more.

I’m proud to have been instrumental in the new cell tower project which will finally address our cell service on the south side. This project will also provide for improved bathroom facilities, handicap access, and expanded parking at Houlihan/Sid Fay Fields. 

Projects like the Edison Fields, One Westfield Place and the Martin Wallberg American Legion Post 3, will meet the growing needs of our community, address housing issues and help create a vibrant downtown. These projects will move our town forward for the next generations.

I am a resident, a friend, a neighbor, and current Ward 4 councilman.  I am proud of what I have been able to deliver to the residents of Ward 4. Serving has been a privilege and I humbly ask for your vote to continue to advocate for our ward and move Westfield into the future.


Councilman Scott Katz, who serves as chair of the Public Works Committee and is a member of the Finance Committee, is running for a second term in November 2023.

Councilman Katz also serves as liaison to the Human Relations Advisory Commission, the Tree Preservation Commission and the Recreation Commission. While he is no longer on the Bicycle Advisory Board, he is continuing to plan for the second Tour de Westfield.

Councilman Katz, who is a Sales Manager with Maximum Quality Foods, earned his bachelor’s degree from Tulane University in Economics. He and his wife, Caroline, have two children, Nate, who is a sophomore at Virginia Tech, and Amelia, who is a senior at Westfield High School.

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