Councilman Katz is Committed to Westfield

By Liz Chacko
Paid Advertorial

Accountable. Dedicated. Respectful. Hardworking. Collaborative. Good listener. Fair. These are the ideal attributes that come to mind when I think of the type of person I want as a Westfield Town Council member.

Luckily for Ward 4 residents, these same attributes describe someone who is already on the dais, Councilman Scott Katz, whom I support for re-election. I’ve worked alongside Councilman Katz for the past few years in my role as recreation commissioner. I’ve seen first hand his strong work ethic and commitment to hear both sides, do research and seek out solutions for tough problems. What I most appreciate about Councilman Katz is his ability to listen, especially when we have differing opinions.

As someone with friends, neighbors and acquaintances across all political parties, I value hearing different opinions and solutions. I appreciate the contributions everyone makes to our town to make it an exceptional community.

I want someone who I trust will listen to everyone and continue to seek meaningful outcomes for our community. I’ve gotten to know Councilman Katz’s core principles, and I have no doubt he will continue to navigate complex issues while representing the best interests of everyone in our community. Get to know Councilman Katz, and you’ll see for yourself.